Maintenance & Monitoring Service

Prime Alert Security Services offer Maintenance Contracts to residences and businesses that wish to change their security company provider or are searching for a new security company because their former company is "out of business."
Prime Alert's security specialists will inspect your system, listen to your concerns regarding your present protection and suggest options to improve or modify your existing system. These modifications may fulfill the requirements of your insurance company, resulting in a reduction of premiums. Also, if you are concerned about your present monitoring service, we will be happy to discuss and answer any inquiries you may have.

Many of our customers (both homeowners and businesses) find it advantageous to contract the maintenance and monitoring service with the same company.

Prime Alert's experience indicates that burglars frequently will:
1. Pry a window or door open.
2. View the target premises from a distance and wait for the police to    arrive.
3. Wait for the security patrol and alarm company to check or repair the system.
4. If the private security or the alarm company fails to show, enter the premises at minimum risk and accomplish their mission.

As a result of these and similar incidents Prime Alert has emergency service twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

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